Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review of Deception

Title: Deception
Author: Selena Montgomery
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Release Date: April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-137605-4
Format: Paperback
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Genre: (and sub-genre) mystery / romance / detective
Age Group: adult

An ace female poker player, Fin Borders, is an arrogant, selfish and insecure pain in the butt. Her tough exterior is only a paper tiger fa├žade because of her parents neglect and abandonment has never left her soul. Though, when it comes to her adopted family and personal honor she finds within herself the power to change. On a moment’s notice she is called away from her gallivanting and cavorting around the world to help Mrs. Eliza Farady. Mrs. Farady rescued Fin Borders when Fin was a child. Mrs. Farady made a vow to never give up on this wild child. The willingness of Fin Borders to change produces a ripple effect that in turn creates a family bond and a romantic commitment that she never believed she would be able to have in her life time.

Fin Borders returning to her past in Georgia brings with it an emotional joy and pain as well as the real possibility of death. Her two childhood friends Julia Warner (doctor) and Kelly Jameson (lawyer) who were also rescued by Mrs. Farady are loyal and devoted to Fin. Kelly and Julia both have careers that contribute to society and Fin is ever envious of their sense of belonging and purpose. These three characters are built as believable. The small talk and girl cat fights are realistic and honest in feeling. The only somewhat stretch of character construction is that all three women are the best in their careers. But then, who is to say that three women who are friends cannot be at the epitome of their career?

The mystery and suspense is created by the poker playing and drug trafficking of a ring of thugs going by the name of Stark. The romance filters in by way of the good guys who happen to be law enforcement. Fin Borders is immediately attracted to Caleb Matthews assistant district attorney / undercover FBI agent. Mathews law enforcement character is the predicable handsome, brooding and lonely soul. Then again, this predictability works because the attraction and tensions between Fin Borders and Caleb Mathews is intriguing. The routine or expected character actions are present but seem to only linger as an annoying afterthought.

This story is romantic with just enough danger tossed in to make the pot boil. If you appreciate usual or diverse characterization this story is not your cup of tea. But if romance, good guys versus bad guy and female heroines are of interest to you then defiantly this story has that recipe.

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