Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Dreams by Deanna Lee Warren

Title: In Dreams
Author: Deanna Lee Warren
Publisher: Publish America
Release Date: 2007
ISBN: 1-4241-5182-1
Amazon link : http://www.amazon.com
Genre: (and sub-genre) Fiction, Relationships, Belief Systems, Personal Choices, Addictions, Abuse

In Dreams by Deanna Lee Warren

Predictability for some is a hindrance or mundane when it comes to fully appreciating and enjoying a story line. If you feel comfortable reading stories that follow a pattern of events…then this is the story for you. In this day of uncertainty and instability sometimes resting with a story that is new but familiar is reassuring. This story line is not over the top with a formulaic blueprint but it is calculated.

Do not confuse predictability with dull or mind numbing quite the contrary. For those who wish to read a story at the end of long hard day that contains romance, retribution and personal struggles. The story line does have it peaks and valleys and a few left turns but left turns use a signal and obey the green arrow. The comfort the reader knows is that the ending though not picture perfect will have minimal imperfections and this is one of the books strong draws.

This story is easily accessible. The characters are recognizable and even though some are meant to be harsh they are safe because we are able to foresee their behavior. The reader is never caught off guard by the actions of the characters. The characters are able to live through difficult and emotionally draining heartaches because we know the territory and we can foretell what is coming.

Libby, the main character, was adopted at the age of four and is a member of a multicultural family. By outward appearances all is first-rate with her and her family. But as the story unfolds the flawless handsome boyfriend Greg Garrison becomes dark and foreboding. Libby is faced with difficult decisions concerning love, loyalty and life. She meets Donovan Wade and they enter into a relationship that leads to unearthing brutal truths.

The actions of the characters are foreseeable and inevitable even as the story twists and turns. But as I said, it is the romance and the life struggles that captures the reader’s heart. The appeal of this story is not its volatility, impulsiveness or arbitrary nature. The allure of this piece of fiction is the charm of prophesy.

Readers read for a multitude of reasons and sometimes all we want to read is a story we already know the ending. We want to experience the struggles and the difficulties because we know in the end we will survive and be better for the experience. In Dreams by Deanna Lee Warren is that uplifting read.

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